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501 Books I Must Read – How This Started


I’m Grace and I love reading. I consider myself well-read after decades of reading pretty much any book that came my way. I even review books and write them myself so I consider myself a keen reader. So when my friend turned up with the list of “501 Books You Must Read” I was taken by the idea of a reading list to broaden my knowledge and unearth great writers I’d never tried before. Plus, it really annoyed me that I had only read 69 of them by 2008.

I began reading the remaining 431 books during 2009 and I’ll chart my progress on this blog. Feel free to join the challenge yourself. I’ll be borrowing as many as possible from the library but any I do buy and don’t want to keep (my bookcases are already full) I will give away here. I imagine this will take me several years to complete as I intend to continue to read my own selection of books during the year as well as these ones.

Come on, join the 501 Books readathon!




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