Giving Away some of the 501 Books


I’ve been reading my way through the “501 Books you Should Read” list for a while now and my house is already pretty full of books. So I want to give some of them to readers of this blog. I’ll pull 3 commenters from the proverbial hat on Monday 1st of October – winners can then choose, in turn, from the list below.

Until then, put a comment on this post and I’ll count you in. Open worldwide, but I will use the cheapest postage available so the books may take some time to travel from Ireland to your location.

Good luck!



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6 responses to “Giving Away some of the 501 Books

  1. Ooh. Free books! I’ve considered the 501 challenge, but I always tend to get overwhelmed and never even know where to start!

  2. Noelle Ameijenda

    I’m in!

  3. WOW! Go you on the 501 challenge. You always amaze me, Miss Grace. I’d love a shot at one of your books… my TBR pile hasn’t quite toppled yet hehe

  4. Debby

    What an ambitious idea … the 501 challenge. Years ago, when I was younger, had amassed quite a library, but over the years and many moves later, most of my books went to libraries, yard sales, or were just given away. I would be honored.

  5. wordfoolery

    Drum roll please… the winners are Debby, Noelle, and Angela – I’ll be in touch with you each in turn (Debby gets first pick, then Noelle, etc) via email so I can organise postage. Congratulations everyone and happy reading.

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